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Can you, with a Curvy fuller body, look great in a pencil style skirt or fitted dress?


Pencil skirts and dresses are designed with curves in mind.

Wearing a fitted skirt or dress can minimise your size while highlighting your lovely curves. It draws attention to the features that makes the gorgeous woman you are.

Important, make sure the dress fits the body properly ensuring it is not too tight, a pencil dress or skirt should hug the body and emphasising the natural curves to the body.

Particularly if you have an hourglass body shape, your curves should be the focal point of your attire.

When choosing a pencil skirt and looking for that classic look try a full coloured skirt with a thick belt and button up top giving shape and that classy vintage look.

A belt can add curves to a rounder body type when worn with a fitted pencil dress.

Remember - you have curves, show them off and be proud them and who you are.

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